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A joint venture of Canberra Brass and Canberra's most exciting trad jazz band, Zackerbilks.

It's a Zackerbilks birthday gig next Sat


Hot stepping out from their local Canberra speakeasy, Zackerbilks are spreading their love of trad jazz to the world. Join them on a high-energy musical journey, that travels from the turn of the century to the 1940s. Dressed to impress, this dapper eight-piece group will have your toes tapping as they play a mix of trad to modern with a vintage twist. 

Sultry vocals, bold brass, wicked woodwinds and a rollicking rhythm section will have your knees up in no time. Shine your shoes, put your glad rags on and get ready to quickstep back in time as Zackerbilks take over the stage.

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Canberra Brass

In 1984 four musicians got together at the Hall Village primary school to play some brass music. From those humble beginnings came the Hall Village Brass Band.

Over the years the band grew both in numbers and stature within the national brass band community. The band and its successors have become an important part of the cultural community of the ACT and regularly provide music support for a wide variety of functions and occasions. 

The band is made up of amateur musicians from all walks of life, school and uni students, professional musicians and school music teachers, all of whom are drawn to the band through their love of excellent brass music. 

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